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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blogging Saved My Scrapbook Page

Yesterday I started working on a layout of Jordyn's 12th birthday - Dec 2007. And tonight I finished it. YAY!

I'm working on a birthday album for each kid, and I'm working my way backwards through their birthdays. Since I haven't scrapped any of their birthdays, I've got a lot of work to do!

As I was putting the page together, I remembered that the family came to visit me in NJ / NYC a couple of days before her birthday, and they went back to Michigan before her birthday. I remembered that I wasn't home on THE DAY of her birth nor was she in NJ / NYC with me on the day of her birth.

Surely scrapping a page about us shopping and theatre-ing in NYC would suffice as her birthday layout, right?

It didn't feel right. There had to have been something more to her birthday celebration ON her birthday.

And there was!

Blogging saved my scrapbook page.

Birthday in New York (pardon the flash on the photo).



~Amy said...

Great layout! A big reason why I resolved to start blogging more often's a great journal to look back on!

Love the new look :)

Kim said...

That is why I continue to blog.
More great pages!

Tina said...

Love that blog-thang!! Love the page! What did Jordyn think???