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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Tomorrow, my baby girl turns TWELVE! She has long since surpassed me in height and shoe size, but she's still me little girl.

Tomorrow, she will receive a bouquet of flowers delivered to the Middle School (how cool is that?!) with the poem below attached (how NOT cool is it for your mom to write you a poem and send it to you at school?!). And who really cares that I opted for the cheaper carnations over the pricey roses?! I'm sure she'll be thrilled just the same. Right? (Beware, this is all cheese and corn, sappy and sweet)

A rainbow of carnations to celebrate the day
You came into my life and took my breath away.

Twelve special flowers, for you, my special girl.
You’re more lovely than these blooms, more precious than a pearl.

I love you more than life, in case you didn't know
I stand in awe and wonder, as I watch you learn and grow.

If I could give a reason for each stem in this bouquet
Just why it is I love you, this is what I'd say.

One: You are more beautiful than I ever dreamed you'd be.
Two: You're very honest, the truth shall set you free.

Three: You are hardworking to achieve the goals you've set.
Four: You are forgiving, you forgive AND you forget.

Five: You have such patience, when all is lost on me.
Six: You're quick to smile, a sight I love to see.

Seven: You are so kind, you wouldn't hurt a fly.
Eight: You're truly funny, sometimes it makes me cry.

Nine: You're mine! You're mine! A fact, of which, I'm proud.
Ten: You are authentic, living life out loud.

Eleven: Your generosity, you sure have plenty of.
Twelve: Your curiosity, I ask, "What's not to love?"

~ Jordyn ~
Happy 12th birthday!
I love you,


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I would have loved getting flowers and a poem at school, but would have pretended in front of my friends that I was mortified.

~Amy said...

Wow.. a poet too?!?! I never knew.