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Monday, January 26, 2009

A little birdie kawinkydink, er I mean Quinkydink

I have had birdseed in the bird feeder outside my office/scrap space window forever.

It was such a joy to watch birdies come and go all spring, summer, and fall. I literally filled up the feeder every couple of days between April and October.

And before it got really cold, I made sure to fill the feeder up so that the birdies wouldn't be hungry all winter. Poor little birdies.

Now, I know that here in Michigan, birds migrate south in the winter. But, I also know that not ALL birds get the heck out of frozen dodge during the winter which is why I have found it so very odd that I have had no feathered visitors to that feeder since late October.


The feeder was just as full in January as it was in late October.

Until yesterday.

The birdies came back. Oh, boy! Did they come back!There were easily 30 birds in and around my feeder nearly all day and they ate nearly all the seed!

I was so super excited about this (exciting life, I know, don't be jealous) that I grabbed my camera and started snapping pics. The birds, I had decided would become that day's picture for my Project 365.

I was so super excited, in fact, that I took over 30 pictures.
Which is why, when I opened my fortune cookie from our lunch time Chinese carry-out, I thought it was a wild kawinkydink Quinkydink that the fortune had a Learn Chinese section and my Chinese word to learn was "Birds". Xiao-Niao. (Don't even try to read the fortune itself, that made no sense to me.)

Just a bit of a kawinkydink Quinkydink , don't ya think?

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kid_curry said...

The Church of Quinkydink would like to formally inform of the spelling of quinkydink. I first saw the bird pictures then read the title. I assumed you had seen a bird of the species "wild kawinkydink." Oh I giggled at myself. I think the fortune is in Chinglish. The translation would be "Check your settings on your camera before taking pictures of birds, then they will be satisfactory." Maybe it's the cold medicine or lack of oxygen. . . I'm cracking myself up.