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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jesus Could

Today was our day (after the Christmas frenzy) to overhaul the playroom.

Four trash bags, a paper box full and some odds and ends for the garage sale (that we always say we're going to have and then never do) and another trash bag full of trash.

For the last several weeks, the play room closet (which is a walk in, and which is where most of the toys should stay corralled but never do) has smelled like piss.

With the holiday hoopla, my sickness the day after Christmas, then Kevin's sickness from New Year's Eve until a couple days ago, we haven't had the energy nor the time to investigate the stench.

As we were doing the overhaul, I found the lid to one of the kids big storage bins (you know the ones that are about knee high and about 2 feet wide by about 3 feet long), well the lid had some sticky weird science experiment on the top of it....that smelled like piss.

AH HA! The source.

Surely it was just some fermented juice, right?

I sprayed it down and wiped it clean. There. That's better.

Until I dumped the contents of the bin and still smelled the piss.

There, at the bottom of the bin was a bigger crusty mess and upon inspection, the contents of the bin (power rangers, rescue heroes, star wars figures, transformers) all smelled like piss and some were slightly coated.

This was not fermented juice. Someone took a leak in the boys' beloved heroes bin.

Sorry guys, this whole pile of toys has to be pitched. I am not gonna go through it and figure out which toys were peed on and which ones weren't.

They were a little sad but understood...and they certainly didn't want to play with pee toys.

I was wracking my brain trying to figure out who could have peed in one of our toy bins. All of the kids we have over are either big enough to know better or too little to know how to pee outside of their diapers.

I tried asking Owen if he knew who could have possibly peed in the toy bin? Did he do it?

O-It wasn't me, mom. It wasn't me.

Me-Well, then, who could have done it?

O-It could have been a baby.

Me-A baby? Like what baby? I asked, thinking maybe he knew something.

O-Jesus could.

Me-Jesus could? You think the baby JESUS peed in the toy bin?

O-Well, he could.

Somehow, I'm thinking not.


Mindy said...

I guess its too late now but could you have put them in the dishwasher?

~Amy said...

OMG!! I am LMAO!! I normally hate the word piss but LOVED it in this post! Ahhhhh Toooo funny !!

Heather Leigh said...

the thought of pee toys in my dishwasher makes me want to hurl. love you mindy!