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Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Owen Funnies

I know I've said this before, but Owen cracks us up constantly. Here are a couple of snippets of conversations...just from today.

O-"Dad, do you have snowpants?"
K-"No, Owen. I don't have snowpants."
O-"Do you have a snow board?"
K-"Nope. No snow board."
O-"Well, do you have a sled?"
O-"Do you have a house?"
K-"Yes, Owen. Two of 'em."
O-"You have TWO houses?!?!" maniacal giggles
O-"That's right, the OLD house and the NEW house."

Now, I can see the transition from snowpants to snow boards to sleds, however, I'm not sure how the leap to houses was made. Such is the train of thought for a four year old.

As we were driving to Red Knapp's for dinner tonight, we passed Kalloway's, a local restaurant that recently closed down due to the economic shit storm we're currently in. Now, Kalloway's was always one of Owen's favorite places to go because they make a mean peanut butter and jelly sammich, so he is well aware that the venue has shut down. As we passed the restaurant today, a car pulled into its parking lot.

O-"WHAT is that car going to Kalloway's for?!?!? Don't they know it's CLOSED?! (slight pause)They must be robbers and they're going to steal everything...BWAHHHAAAAHHHAAA!!!!"
Liam-"Maybe they're someone who wants to buy the restaurant." (pretty smart idea for a 7 year old)
O-"Maybe they're just really hungry and they want to go eat there, but they don't know it's CLOOOOOOSED. BWAHHHAAAAHHHAAA!!!"

I guess the funniest part of the whole Kalloway's exchange was once again Owen's maniacal giggles. If I could just bottle up his laughter and take a sip from it every time I'm feeling down or pissed off, all would be right with the world. The money I could make selling his laughter to other people. It truly is infectious.

While we were at dinner, the subject of smoking came up. I'm not sure why. I think Kev was joking around with Jordyn and asked her if she and her friends had been smoking all afternoon. Jordyn was aghast and exclaimed "Ewwwwwww! No WAY! Smoking's grooooooooos! I'm NEVER going to smoke!" Liam echoed her sentiments, "Me neither, that's disgusting!!" Owen was smiling (and giggling) and proceeded to say (somewhat to himself, which made it all the more funny)..."I'm smoking. I'm smoking all the time." And you know what? If any of our kids is gonna get drunk before they're legally allowed to, or high, or smoke, it will be Owen. He's the kid that likes to spin around and around and around and around to make himself dizzy. He LOVES that feeling.

Our maniacal, infectious Owen.

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Cinco Quintanas said...

Love these stories Heather! I got a good chuckle while reading them. Owen sounds like a real character and it must be such a real blessing to have his humor in the family. My Lorenzo has the same sense of humor and really knows how to make me crack up just when I need a good laugh. Gotta love 'em!