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Thursday, January 22, 2009

That was TOTALLY Sick!

We were driving in the car today when, out of the blue Liam busts out, "That was TOTALLY Sick!"

"Mom, Do you even know what that means?"

Does he think I'm an idiot?

"Yes, Liam, it means it's good."

"Yep! It was totally Sick! Totally Wicked! Totally Rad!"

Who is this kid?

A minute or two of silence, and then out of the blue, this.

"We missed the Rocheter lights this year."

OK, Liam, that was last month, and this is the first time you mention the fact that we didn't go to Rochester to see the light show is today, near the end of January?!?! "I know we did. We'll go this year."

"Mom, I wish I had a remote control that could rewind time and we could go see the Rochester lights right now."

"Now THAT, Liam, would be TOTALLY Sick!"

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