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Saturday, January 17, 2009

On the Road Again

Heading over to Grand Rapids today for a post-Christmas Christmas party with Kev's mom's side of the family, Owen took my camera out of my computer bag and started taking pictures.

I think he was getting bored because the drive took longer than usual due to the extremely poor driving conditions (we saw TONS of cars in the ditch, one was even turned upside on its roof, scary).

O - "Mo-om, say chee-eeth!"

O- "Mom, it's your turn."
Mom- "Owen, say chee-eese!"
Mom- "Your turn again, O."

O- "Wia-ahh, say chee-eeth!"
O- giggle giggle giggle "Your turn, mom."

Mom- "Daa-ad, say chee-eese!" (he didn't say cheese or even look at the camera, and I was totally OK with that)
Mom- "Jordyn, say chee-eese!"
And that's how we passed our time on the way to GR. What I love about these pics is that they truly capture how we pass the time during the long drive.....

.....Kev driving. Liam playing DS. Me reading a scrapbook magazine. Jordyn listening to her iTouch. And Owen being a sweetie.

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Cinco Quintanas said...

Sounds just like our family car rides :) Are we the picture of the new all American family? LOL