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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Usual

In between interviews today (yes, less than a week of being laid off, Kevin has already had 2 face to face interviews and several phone conversations with various people....there IS hope!) Anyway, in between interviews today, Kevin came and picked me up from work to take me to lunch rather than go home in between the interviews (both of which were in Southfield, so it didn't make sense for him to drive all the way home, anyway.)

Back in the day when Kevin and I both worked at Delphi, we used to go to this restaurant at least once a week. Orchid Cafe, yummy Thai food. And every week, I would order the same thing.

C9 Chicken Medium, minus broccoli, plus white onions.

I ordered it so often, that I'm surprised they didn't just change the menu to my specifications.

And Kev almost always ordered

C9 Chicken Medium (no special requests, because that's way too high maintenance for him. He doesn't share the Burger King philosophy that you can have it your way....not even AT Burger King!)

And almost every week, the same waitress or two would wait on us and they came to know what we wanted. All they would have to say is "The Usual?"

Well, we haven't been to this restaurant together in almost two years. But today we went. And there was the same waitress.

And she said, "Haven't seen you two in here in a long time. The Usual?"

It had been so long, that I had kind of forgotten what the usual was. So I was looking at the menu and located C9 just as the waitress was saying "C9, Chicken Medium, minuuuuuus broccoli, plus white onions."


Yes, the usual.


Cinco Quintanas said...

Looks Delicious! There was a Thai restaurant out in Troy that I would go to with my friends from work and it had a very similar name. I wonder if it is owned by the same people. LOVE Thai food! My usual is the Pad Thai-medium. Lunch with the hubby is so much fun!

~Amy said...

These days that is something really special that she remebered.

Mindy said...

Oh that looks good! (I'm hungry)

My favorite is also Pad Thai Medium, and I found a place near work where they always seem to have an "extra" of it all ready to go, so I just grab it and pay without having to wait. yum.