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Friday, August 31, 2007

Middle School Jitters

So much has happened in the last 2 weeks that I don't even know where to begin. I think the biggest thing is the fact that Jordyn is starting Middle School next week. Did you all hear me? MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Last Tuesday, when I was out of town on business, Kevin took Jordyn to registration night slash picture day. Being the over bearing wife that I am, I left very DETAILED instructions on what forms needed to go to which stations and what things to be sure to look out for while AT registration. I was also nervous that in my absence, Jordyn wouldn't be picture day ready. Who would do her hair and apply some lip gloss and ensure that her outfit was put on the right way? Surely not Kevin! But, she's getting older and can do much of this herself now, (plus we sent her over to Nee Nee's first to have her hair smoothed out and lip gloss applied for good measure). Pictures (oh, and registration) went off with out a hitch.....Isn't she a BEAUTY?

Later that week, on Friday, I took Jordyn and some friends up to the Middle School to practice their locker combinations and to walk through their class schedules. HOLY MOLY! It took each girl at least 5 minutes to master the locker combinations, and it took Jordyn, oh about TWENTY minutes (and a LOT of tears) to get it down pat. I couldn't imagine what her first day would have been like had I not gone up there with her to practice this all important task (twice to the right, once to the left, back to the right).

I thought it would be nice for all of these friends to see where each other's lockers are before the first day of school since 4 elementaries are merging into 1 scary MIDDLE SCHOOL. And the fact that Jordyn has very few friends (that she knows of) in her classes doesn't have me worried in the least (lie lie lie). Will she make new friends as nice as the ones she has now????


Then, on Sunday, I threw Jordyn a Back to School Beach Bash. And considering she's about to start MIDDLE SCHOOL (have I mentioned that yet?), we invited a handful of BOOOOYYYYZZZZ to the party along with the regular group of girls. I was a bit nervous about the boys, I must admit. I had horrible visions of out of control spin the bottle games and randy renditions of 3 minutes in the closet. But, since Kevin and I chaperoned so closely (it was a BEACH party after all), there really was no need for me to have worried. At one point, the kids insisted they play musical chairs. YES, musical chairs!!

That's me, the lifeguard! ..... Don't grow up too fast!

They had fun having swimming relay races from the beach to the paddle boat (stationed not too far from the beach). The winning team got to take the first turn on the paddle boat with me.
The kids were ALL very well behaved, the boys AND the girls. It was 3 hours of FUN FUN FUN. And after a couple of rainy, tornadoe-y, stormy days in a row, the weather couldn't have been more perfect. But, boy was I happy to see the last kid leave, and *bonus*, they took Jordyn with them when they left! :-) Thanks Tina!

THANKFULLY, I did NOT have to travel this week for work. Which is a good thing because being at home has allowed me to spend, hmmm, about 10 hours or so putting together Jordyn's school supplies. (She's missing the organization chip, or maybe that skill is a bit delayed in her development. I just hope that EVENTUALLY some of my ultra organized ways will rub off on her. She's actually come along way from how disorganized she used to be.) Anyway, I digress. So, I've been helping her organize her binder and printing off curriculum lists and assignments from teacher websites (and you thought elementary school's every day math was bad!?! School hasn't even started yet and she has assignments already!!)

So, I've got the jitters that I won't be able to keep up with Middle School.

Let's just hope Jordyn can!!

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Laura said...

Oh Jordyn! Look at her! I wish there was some way she could drop in to babysit in Iowa. I'm really going to need a night sitter with this job, and she could rake in some serious cash. Miss you all! --Laura