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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just ME and DAD!

This coming Friday is going to be relatively busy for our family...

Jordyn is going to a High School Musical 2 sleepover party at her friend Shelby's house.
Liam is going to a sleepover beach party at his friend Mitchell's house.
And I'm hosting the Glenmoor Gals book club for a discussion of "The Kite Runner" (along with the usual topics of our kids, husbands, neighbors, mothers, in-laws, and various other random topics having nothing to do with the book.)

So, that means that Kevin and Owen will have to find something to do on Friday night and make themselves scarce from the house.

Discussing this over dinner the other night, Liam graciously and sincerely told Owen that he could come to Mitchell's beach party with him if he wanted. Defiantly and with a winning grin, Owen replied, "NO! I'm not going to Mitchell's party with you. I'm going out with Dad. Just ME and DAD." OK, so in his foreign Owenish that few can understand, he might not have said this exactly verbatim, but that was definitely the gist of it.

Being the youngest, Owen rarely gets daddy to himself. And considering he is SUCH a daddy's boy, it will be a real treat to spend time together, just Owen and Dad.

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