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Saturday, September 1, 2007

7:20 am....AMAZING!

Just as Jordyn is approaching a milestone by entering Middle School next week, Liam has also just reached a milestone. Last night, he had his first official slumber, excuse me, Sleepover (apparently, slumber parties are for girls). So, he had 5 boys spend the night ranging in age from 5 to 8.

The boys got here around 3pm on Friday. They played tee ball in the front yard, ate pizza for dinner, they had sword fights and tore apart the toy room, they went swimming in the lake, then they got into their jammies and settled down to watch a couple of movies with a juice box and some snacks. And, to my surprise, when I checked on the movie-watching situation around 11:30 pm, they were all SOUND asleep, and one of them had even turned off the tv already! No blow outs, nobody crying to go home, no enormous drama.

But, the most amazing part of all was that they slept in until 7:20 am the next morning! Previously when 1 boy or the other from this group of kids has stayed the night with us in the past, they have arisen at the what-are-you-doing-up-so-early time of 5:00 am! So, I was thankfully amazed, that they slept in until 7:20 am.....AMAZING!

They watched another movie in the morning, ate breakfast, went minnow hunting in the lake, and played another round of tee ball in the front yard while waiting for their parents to come pick them up.

A completely successful slumber party, er sleepover, if ever there was one!!

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