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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Party Weekend

After being gone Mon-Thur in New Jersey for work last week, it was SOOO good to be back home with my family. The weekend went by all too quickly before I had to head back to Jersey EARLY Monday morning. But let me recap all of the fun that we had...

The weekend started off great when I arrived home from the airport an hour earlier than expected, before the boys went to bed. We spent a relaxing couple of hours on the deck. Kev taught Liam how to open a bottle of beer (something every six year old should know, notice the bottle opener in Liam's hand...)

and I taught Liam how to use the camera so he could take this picture of me & Kev (I think it turned out pretty well...)

On Friday evening Kevin and I went to the Tigers game and they were getting beaten horribly (8-2) by the A's, so we left the game in the 5th inning. The score ended up being 16-10, so it's a good thing we left. Kev went night fishing while I cleaned up the toy room. How do we let the boys turn the toy room into this disaster zone...

And then not make them help us turn it back into this place of serenity and calm...

On Saturday morning, I met some girlfriends for brunch, and again Liam tried out his photography skills taking a picture of me, Laura, and Cindy (who I used to work with at Delphi). This one was a little blurry, but still pretty darn good for a 6 year old.

In the afternoon, the Sprys (and my mom) came over to celebrate Liam's birthday since they weren't going to be around for his birthday party on Sunday. They brought their kayaks and we enjoyed a beautiful day in the lake. Liam caught an enormous perch. We grilled brats and later roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. It was such a fun day! Some of my favorite photos of the day:
Bailey & Jordyn in the kayaks

Kissing Cousins (these 2 can't get any cuter!)

Grandma & Liam

Owen holding up Liam's big perch

Aaron, Liam, & Owen around the campfire

Then, on Sunday, we had Liam's birthday party. What another gorgeous day. We were blessed with great weather, great company, and great times all weekend long.
Pics from the birthday party...

Liam and some buddies in the lake

Liam and some buddies opening presents

Mom, Liam, and Dad

Looking forward to another 3 days at home (and enjoying the lake) when I return again from Jersey this Thursday night. Too bad most of this weekend will be spent landscaping instead of relaxing!! I'll take pictures of that, too, and post next week.


Anonymous said...

You wore the dress!! I love it !
Sorry we missed the party :(

Sandy said...

Looks like ya'll had an awesome weekend!!!!