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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Things that make you go hmmmm

Just some things I saw at LaGuarida airport this afternoon that made me go hmmmm....
  • A very nice looking, well dressed, well groomed man with the pinkest bubble gum pink socks you have ever seen
  • A tattoo clad grandma (Ok, so she only had 2 tattoos that I could see) dressed in a tank top, daisy dukes, flip flops, and a BODY BY JAKE (I'm telling you, she was rock solid!)
  • A young father traveling with a very cute baby - I'd guess 8 months old (so, why do I wonder where the mama is but when I see a mama and baby sans daddy, it doesn't even faze me)
  • LOTS of yamikas (was it a Jewish holiday today or something?)
  • A young girl (twenty ish) with a shirt on...that's it, a shirt, at least that's all it looked like she was wearing

I should add "people watching" as one of my favorite things to do in my profile...

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Hey there... This is what I have to say about the grandma... If ya got flaunt it, lolololol.... I just wish I had it :) Maybe if I got up off of my fat butt and became a YBB Goddess again, i would look like that :)