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Friday, August 3, 2007

I'd rather poke my eyes out

EVERY year, we get the calendar for the local summer concerts in the park. And EVERY year, I say (to myself), this is the year that the family and I are going to attend one of these, or two or three. SOMETIMES, I even load the concert dates into my PDA with the best intentions of attending one, or two or three. They sound like SO much fun! It's such a home-towny, small-towny thing to do. And, heck, they're FREE!

So, tonight, as we were driving home from dinner at B-dubs (as we affectionately refer to Buffalo Wild Wings in our house ~ even though I, myself, have little affection for their menu), we passed the park downtown and LO and BEHOLD, they were setting up for a concert in the park! Only 14 minutes until concert time. Let's seize the opportunity! Meijer can wait until after the concert, right? Who cares if I don't know what type of music is on the docket tonight?

"Oh, look, honey, it's concert night! Let's stop!" I say enthusiastically. To which Kevin flatly and promptly replies, "I'd rather poke my eyes out." And he seriously would.

So, how did we end up together? (Besides the fact that we were buzzed through out the majority of our courtship...) The rose-colored stained glass wearing, social butterfly girl and the stick in the mud, mildly reclusive boy? Aaaahhhhh well, if nothing else, he sure knows how to make me laugh. And, as I reflect on that quick interchange, I'm laughing still.

No, we didn't go to the concert. I should just resign to the fact that we'll probably never attend one of these Forced Family Fun summer concerts in the park. FFF events are what my husband, for years, has referred to things that he doesn't enjoy doing, but that I "make" him do for the sake of the family. Like Santa Breakfasts and Funky Fall Fests at the elementary school or Holiday Parades. He'd truly rather poke his eyes out. But when it's something that I really think we should do together as a family, FFF or not, he will usually oblige.

And, thankfully, he still has both of his gorgeous blue eyes in tact.


Anonymous said...

How funny..I just cut out the concert in the park schedule and posted it on our fridge! Along with the Lake Orion concert schedule and the Rochester Farmers Market schedule. I'll let you know if WE ever make it !!

Mindy said...

That schedule is on my fridge too. But here's my secret: I just take the kids myself. And leave a list of things that need to be done around the house.

And here's something that maybe Kevin already knows: The music at these things isn't always the best. Sometimes it makes you want to poke your eyes out.