The CHERISHED Life of Heather Leigh

Thursday, August 9, 2007

People I Love...

...Many of whom I am missing tremendously right now....

Kevin - for continuing to put up with me after all of these years
Jordyn - for your increasing maturity and responsibility
Liam - for your knock-knock jokes and snuggling up
Owen - for your quiet mischief and wicked (infectious) giggle
Mom - for always being there when I truly need you, even when you'd rather be golfing
Dad - for fixing all the thousands of things around my house that Kevin can't (or won't, or doesn't have time to) , even when you'd rather be golfing
Carol - for sending a card for every occasion, never late, lighting up my kids' day when the mail arrives
Don - for your bad jokes and CONSTANT joking around
Shawn - for lovingly nurturing your brood (and sometimes mine...and sometimes for a week at a time!)
Scott - for continuing to put up with Shawn
Bailey - for your inner (and outer) ballerina
Jake - for your love of the Tigers
Aaron - for your unassuming demeanor
Bella - for all of the diva-ness that is you
Jeremy - for your deck making skills and your will to create a better life for your family
The Petoskey's - for everything...the ear to chew on, the confidence to share, the shoulder to cry on, the company to keep, the thoughtfulness, the help with out asking
Aimee - for your strength and example
Paul - for serving our country and protecting our FREEDOM
Nee Nee - for loving my kids as if they were your own
Mr. Jeff - for barking at my kids as if they were your own
Maria - for your desire to be the best that you can be, and inspiring others to do the same
Pat - for putting up with Maria
Allison - for that ATTITUDE
Rachel - for your sweet baby-ness
Lori - for loving me just the way I am
Erika - for boosting my self esteem
The Glenmoor Gals - for rallying around each other, in good times, and in bad...oh yeah, and for the occasional gossip session
The Scrapbooking Friends Club - for inspiring me to start scrapping again

The list could go on and on and on, but sadly, I am too tired to go on and on and on. It's off to sleep (hopefully) for me...


Anonymous said...

Back atcha'

Sandy said...

Awwwhhh Heather, {sniff, sniff} I am so glad that our little club has inspired you to start scrapping again. I love this post in your blog! I may have to do that too, so I guess instead of scraplifting, it would be bloglifting...what do you think? lol