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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Roll on, Roll on Roller Coaster

Last year, turning 35 REALLY bothered me.

It just seemed so......OLD. As in, Half-way to 70.

This year, I'm at peace with turning another year older. And even though 36 is now officially closer to 40 than it is to 30, I'm OK with it.

Because, in my head, I will forever be 27.

And this year, I had a really good birthday.
It started with birthday drinks and fondue with these sexy bitches at the Union on Thursday. Oh, the topics of conversation and the laughter and the drinks and the percentagely of it all.
Friday brought the annual Glenmoor Gals ornament exchange and since we were also celebrating Patty's birthday on the 12th along with mine on the 13th, at 12:01 am (when I happened to glance at the clock JUST as it became the 13th I exclaimed "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!") - and Domonique busted out the snowman shaped egg nog pound cake that she had made and the gals sang us a lovely Happy Birthday song. These gals are great, and they are all older than me. :P

Then, on Saturday morning, my actual birthday, my boys busted into my bedroom in the morning as I was making the bed (I know, I know, who bothers making their bed on their birthday? Especially while nursing a hangover from the night before?! I'm just wild and crazy like that, I guess) - they busted into my room bearing these gifts and singing a hysterical (and loud) version of Happy Birthday.
Owen was the "cha cha cha" guy, and as usual, couldn't stop giggling. I SO wanted to videotape them and I almost had them re-enact it, but I had too much to do and needed to get going with my day. Anyway, WHERE these kids got the two loonies to accompany their works of art, I have no idea. Kevin doesn't know either. Maybe they hit the casinos in Windsor while we thought they were in bed sleeping the night before. You never know with these two.
The celebration continued that evening when Kev & I met the Petoskeys at swanky Jon Marx before we went bowling (not-so-swanky).

And our good bowling friends, Ron & Cheryl (super cute couple), sent over a Red Hatted Santa shot (who happens to be cousins with the Red Headed Slut). It was delish.

I'm still having a good time.

Roll on, roll on roller coaster.

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Tina said...

Birthdays are SO much easier when they include fun events... Derek always teases me because I celebrate a "birthweek" instead of "birthday" LOL!