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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Envy - an oxymoron?

I'm very envious of this lady's decorating ability. Next Thanksgiving, I want my kitchen table to look just like hers.

(Seriously, click on the link and let me know if you are as utterly amazed and as thoroughly envious as I am.)

We're both Heathers. It's within the realm of possibility that my house might look like hers next Thanksgiving, right? I mean, I've got an entire year to plan for it and purchase the necessary items, how hard could it be? Granted, she's some sort of textile designer and a master seamstress and crafter, but I've got skillz, too, man. Or, at least I TRY to have skillz.

Instead, my Thanksgiving table looked like this...
Not even a tablecloth! For Shame!! And certainly no silk fall leaves adorning the adorably slip covered chairs. What was I thinking?!?
and this...
At least the boys' table had a table cloth and matching cloth napkins. Oooh! Oooh! Don't forget the pumpkin centerpiece!! Nice touch, dontchathink?
and this... Now, I must admit that while the girls' table does have a table cloth, it certainly needs to be pressed and it is certainly NOT festive. At. All. And they had a centerpiece pumpkin not sure where it went, but there was a pumpkin at one point! I try. I try.

and this...
Poor Jordyn and Bailey are relegated to eating at the counter. No table cloth, no placemats, no pumpkin, not even a BACK to their stools. Sorry girls.

But, look, I did adorn these special cream soda bottles with a cute little label and ribbon for each of the kids and then put them in a cute copper tub. I thought that was kind of special. But really, during the holidays (and at all times, I gues) it's not the decorations you surround yourself with (although, I do really love, love, love them), it's the people you surround yourself with that matter. And here are my peeps.


Laura said...

Yes, but Heather, I SO hope that this blog contains some of your superb sarcasm. BECAUSE! While this woman's pictures were perfect, I notice there were FEW people in them! Was it because her guest's clothes didn't match the decor? For some reason I think of this woman as uptight and constipated, and not very much fun, if she's so obsessively matchy-matchy. In your photos the people are the focus, and I notice everyone is smiling! On the whole I know whose house I'd want a Thanksgiving invitation from. (And yes, I'd bring wine!) Kisses, pumpkin pie, and happy thanksgiving!
Love, Laura

Mindy said...

I thought that Lady's decorations looked overly difficult, fussy and pretentious. Your family looked comfortable. I would suggest that if you want to take it up a notch next year, do simple things like writing "Happy Thanksgiving" on the pumpkins with a sharpie, and maybe you could sprinkle some colored leaves around on the (ironed) tablecloths. That would demonstrate your skillz without making your guests feel like they had to wear a ballgown to dinner.

Tina said...

Love those decorations, too! If you figure out how to pull that off, please share the secrets! I, too, would love the elegance, but the time to do it may be the problem! :) Love the pics!