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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Delicate Snowflakes

As part of our daily December calendar activity, Jordyn got to pick what to do last night (each kid will get their turn to pick). The rule is that the activity has to be Christmas-y or winter-y.

At first, she thought about going sledding, but it's too dark (and cold) to do that after dinner.

Then she decided she wanted us all to go out for dessert. While that would have been a fun thing to do, it didn't really follow the "rules".

So, I gave her some more guidelines, "Jordyn, pick a Christmas movie, a Christmas book to read, or a Christmas craft."

She chose a craft (more work for me, but hey, it's all in an effort to make December that much more special). "Ok, so what craft do you want to make?" I asked.

"Let's make snowflakes!"

Wow, I haven't made paper snowflakes in forever. As a matter of fact, I sort of forgot how. Fortunately, Kevin (of all people!) recalled the proper paper folding technique and all was well with the world. And we went about creating the most beautiful, delicate, white paper snowflakes.

Just as delicate as the snowflakes, however, is Liam's emotional state.

He ended up having a melt down because his snowflakes weren't any good (according to him). So, that translated into nobody liking him, and he went to bed in tears.

Not EXACTLY how I had intended the extra-special December evening to pan out, but that's my little drama queen for ya.

Fortunately he woke up today in a good mood. I think he was just tired.
Anyway, the snowflakes turned out quite nicely and they look spectacular and festive gracing the sidelight windows by our front door.
Now the inside of the window matches the outside of the window.


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Kim said...

Love the December Activity idea!!

Great snowflakes!