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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Christmas Concert & the Princess

Tuesday night was Jordyn's holiday concert.

I never take good pictures at these things. I think I need a zoom lens, or a new camera. :P

At least I got some pictures taken at home afterwards that were decent.

The concert included songs from the 6th grade choir, instructed by their teacher from Egypt, so they didn't sing anything CHRISTMASY...and some of their songs weren't even festive or wintery at all, but more about having music in your heart...which is nice, but hardly suitable for a Holiday Concert.
The 7th grade choir, Jordyn's choir, directed by the very musically appreciative Mrs. Flynn, had the best songs by far...I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas; Christmas Canon; Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow; and Carol of the Bells.
The 8th grade choir did some parts of Handel's Messiah. Classic, but not what I think of when I think of Christmas.

It was nice that my sister Shawn, and nieces Bailey, & Bella came to the concert with us and then came back to the house afterwards (a rendezvous orchestrated by Bella & Owen).

While they were visiting with us, Owen, Liam, & Bella went up to the playroom. Suddenly, Liam started screaming, and yelling, and downright howling. Bella came running down the hallway and looked down upon us in the living room. We asked her what was going on with the boys...because clearly something was wrong.

She started to explain, "Well, Liam & Owen were wrestling and I was being a princess, and..."

Well we didn't hear the rest of her explanation because I busted up laughing. I LOVE my Princess Bella. But her being a princess did not seem (to me) to be an integral part of the explanation for Liam's howling.

Oh, little girls. So much easier than little boys....(at least at this age).


Mindy said...

Sometimes when I'm Being a Princess other stuff happens too. It's part of the job.

(She's adorable!)

Kim said...

I love Mindy's comment :)

I was going to say the same thing.
Bella is beautiful! She has beautiful eyes (well eye in this photo :)


Kim said...

Opps....Forgot to comment on the 1st part of your post :) I think you took a good photo of the concert but you go ahead and work that NEW camera :)

Jordyn looks beautiful too!


Heather Leigh said...

I should have pointed out that Owen took this picture of Bella all by himself...hence the 1 eye. :)

Anonymous said...

Little girls may be cute, but don't let them fool you--she can howl with the best of them.

Love, your favorite nephew Jake