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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Baby Trucks

Occasionally Owen gets on these kicks where he wants Kevin and me to have another baby...actually TWO babies. A boy and a girl.

It's not beyond the realm of possibility for me to have another baby since neither Kevin's nor my factory is closed. And I am only 35 (yes, I KNOW I'll be 36 in a couple of days, but please let me treasure these last moments of being equidistant to 30 and 40....soon enough I'll be closer to 40, OK?!? Uggh.)

And sometimes we feed into his baby kicks by asking the kids what we should name the baby if we have another one and which room should they baby have. This sort of talk really gets Jordyn's knickers in a twist, so sometimes it's just fun to play it up simply to watch her revolting teenagery responses.

Well, last night, Owen was on a baby kick of all baby kicks.

He even cut out a picture of a little mat/baby gym thing from the Toys R Us ad and brought it to me. "Here mom, the babies will like this."

Then he asked me, "Are there baby trucks?"

Me-"Baby trucks?"

O-"Yeah, when is our babies going to come on the baby trucks?"

Me-"Well, babies don't come on trucks, honey."

O-"Can we call now for our babies to come?"

Me-"Call for our baby?"

O-"Yeah, who do we call? Is that how you do it?"

Me-"Oh no, sorry honey, I don't have the number. Your dad has the number, go ask him."

And he went running off to ask Kevin for the number.

Yeah, I think we should squash this fantasy pretty quick.


Kim said...

Yes, time to squash the fantasy unless you ARE thinking about it :)


Mindy said...


Queen of her Castle said...

You are still a young chic. Plenty of baby making time. Or not.