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Monday, December 3, 2007

Oh the things O says

Owen is at a stage at 3 1/2 years old where just about everything he says, and how he says it, just crack me up.

For example, the VERY first thing he said to me Friday morning was -

"Ma, you want iPhone for kissmas?"

He's not incredibly easy to understand, so when he says something out of the blue and off the wall like this, especially when I think he should say something more like "Hi Mommy! I missed you" seeing that this was the first I had seen him in a week, I usually reply with "What?" just so he'll say what I thought it was that he said again and I can validate the hilarity of it.

"Ma, you want iPhone for kissmas? And a purse? Just two things. You get two things."

Apparently, the night before, at dinner, Kevin and Jordyn were discussing some ideas on what to get me for my birthday and for Christmas, not even thinking Owen was paying attention to the conversation, and these were the things he zeroed in on (although, the iPhone was discussed, the purse was not, so he came up with the purse on his own).

A half hour later, Owen wanted me to replace some batteries in his toy train, but the battery box was all the way downstairs in the pantry, up on a shelf, where it always is, and so I made some comment about not having any batteries. To which Owen replied, "The batteries are in the pantry, on the shelf, I could climb, climb, climb, and get them, I saw them in the pantry with my blue eyes."

You saw the batteries with your blue eyes? I mean, he does have blue eyes, but what made him think he needed to be so specific? Of course, I didn't want him climbing the shelves of the pantry, and his comment cracked me up so much that I just had to get up off my rear to retrieve the batteries for him all the way downstairs.

The rest of the day with Owen, I must have thought "That is so funny, I have to remember what he just said," a thousand times, but of course the rest of his remarks have now gotten away from me. I may not have the best memory, but I do know that this kid cracks me up, A LOT.

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