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Monday, December 17, 2007

NYC with the fam, DAYS 3 & 4

Sunday we had a very welcomed lazy morning. After sleeping in for a bit, we went to a local IHOP here in NJ. The weather was very rainy and sleety so we were thankful that we didn't have any set NYC plans on the agenda.

After the yummy breakfast (man, those pancakes were good!) we went to see Alvin!!!! at the movie theater. Good movie, but it's certainly not Enchanted good or anything.

We returned to the hotel where Kevin took the boys for another swim while Jordyn and I cleaned up the hotel room (boatloads of crap spread everywhere in a very small space literally makes me hyperventilate and I just can't relax).

Towards the late afternoon, I rallied the troops to head back into the city, even though there was nothing on the agenda. We went to a cool restaurant for "linner" called the Brooklyn Diner (even though we were in Manhattan) where there wasn't an official kids' menu so the waitress suggested some things for the kids, one of which was this cheese pizza. Uh, yeah, like a 6 year old can eat this whole thing.

Then we walked to Rockefeller Center to see the tree all lit up at night time. Jordyn decided that she likes NYC better at night. NYC is truly something special at night, that's for sure.

We watched the skaters again and took some pictures in front of the famous tree. Here we are in front of the tree,

Then we walked to Saks Fifth Avenue where we enjoyed the snow people window displays and the ginormous snow flakes on the side of the building.

The kids wanted to hit the Nintendo store, which we did and it was pretty cool.

Back at the hotel for some more swimming. The kids really can't get enough of that. They even did some more swimming Monday morning.

Monday was a very low key, non-NYC day. We went to a mall here in NJ for lunch and we walked around a bit. Due to the winter weather here and in Michigan, Kev & the kids' flight is already on a 2 hour delay. We're chilling at the hotel until it's time to head to the airport. Jordyn was disappointed to learn that her school had a snow day today. She feels like she "missed" it.

Anyway, here's hoping that once I get Kev & the kids to the airport tonight that they don't have any more delays. It's hard enough dealing with airport delays on your own, let alone with 3 kids in tow.

We all have had a great time in the Big Apple. What a treat!

I'll miss Kev & the kids being here. Fortunately, I'll be coming home late Thursday night and then I'll be home through 1/7 (at least). Yay! As fun as NYC was, there's no place like home. :-)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I miss seeing the Rockettes, too. Hope you enjoyed it!

kid_curry said...

I agree with Jordyn. New York is better at night!