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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I can't believe it

Someone else won my jackpot. Two someone else's, actually.

My Mega Million pot had climbed to $163 million! All of those millions, with which I had earmarked to do so much good, have gone to some other (surely less deserving) souls.

Each time I played the game in the last 2 weeks, I increased the number of tickets that I purchased. The first couple of times, I just bought one (that's all it takes, right?). Then I bought two - 1 easy pick, 1 pick my own (my numbers have GOT to be better than the computer's, right?). Then, yesterday, I went all out -just a little crazy- and bought THREE - all easy picks.

And most of the tickets have been miserable losers. There should be a prize for the most tickets purchased with out hitting a single correct number. I'm a shoe-in to win that contest.

To be fair, one of my tickets from yesterday's drawing was, indeed, a winner. Do you know what 1 normal ball and 1 mega ball gets you? Gets me?

Drumroll please…


That's right,

Three big ones
Tres dolares
Three hundred pennies
30 dimes
12 quarters (that would keep my kids occupied for about 15 minutes at BW3's)

At least I covered the cost of my last wager.

I could re-invest my winnings in the next Mega Million drawing, but like I said before, who wants to play the game when the jack pot is a piddly little $12 million??

I'll try not to spend yesterday's winnings all in one place.

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