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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's a Sandwich Bag!

On Monday evening, Kevin was supervising Jordyn and Liam making their lunches for the week. We decided that every Sunday (or in this case since it was a holiday, Monday) that the school week would go by much more smoothly if all lunches were made ahead of time, and with me out of town traveling, this would be one less thing for Kevin to worry about.

Anyway, so Kevin is supervising this process. And when Jordyn finished making her first sandwich, she reached for a sandwich bag. (Keep in mind that Jordyn has been making her own lunches since she was in second grade, so she knows how to make a lunch). However, Kevin, being the supervisor and almighty dad, insisted that she use the saran wrap instead of the sandwich bag because the saran wrap is more economical and sandwich bags are expensive.

WHAT? It's a sandwich bag!! Into which you insert a SANDWICH.

Oh, OK Don. OK Bennie. Kevin totally sounded like HIS dad or MY dad who pinched their pennies much tighter than we do ours (wait a minute, I'm not sure we pinch our pennies at all, even though we constantly say - OK, we need to go on a budget now, for real this time. Budget smudget.) My family didn't even bother buying sandwich bags, so there was never even the option.

After some frustration wrapping her first sandwich unsuccessfully in saran wrap, I told Jordyn to use a sandwich bag on the next sandwich. That's what they're for, after all.

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