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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

LABOR Day Weekend

We were so completely unsocial this weekend. That's because we spent Labor Day, LABORING in the yard, finishing up the landscaping.

Over the last month (and especially this past weekend) I have planted flats and flats and flats of hostas, day lillies, sedum, black eyed susans, russian sage, and catmint. Not to mention approximately 30 spirea bushes, a dozen eunonymous bushes, half a dozen viburnum bushes and variegated dogwood bushes, half a dozen trees, half a dozen azalea bushes, ornamental grasses, a couple of butterfly bushes, some delphiniums, etc. etc. etc.
On Friday we had 7 yards of mulch delivered, and we got it ALL laid (along with LOTS of planting done) by the end of the weekend. Aaahhhhh, now I can enjoy what's left of the nice weather and admire my handiwork. I can't wait to see it in the next couple of years when everything fills in. As much work as all of this was, I do enjoy seeing it all come together.
Here are some before and after pics:

Back Before

Back After (can anyone spot me in this photo!?!)

Another Back After

Front Before

Front After

Another Front After

More Front After, ignore the dirty pavers, driveway, and sidewalk

Anyone remember me talking about hauling all those rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks (remember, our new house was built on an old gravel pit). Well, here are some of them...a very small portion of them, actually.....

Rocks Before...

Rocks After...

And here are Kev and my dad, and my brother (driving the truck) pulling these boulders out of the lake several weeks ago. And to think, there are another 3 or 4 about this size, (a little bit deeper in the water) that we could have gotten!

Finally, here is Kev on the new toy he bought this weekend. He and our friend Joel went to pick this up together on Saturday, and they were SO Tim the Toolman Taylor about the whole process, Arr Arr Arr. Oh yeah, and the pile of mulch in the background on the driveway.

What a weekend. Utterly exhausting, but, oh so productive!


~Amy said...

Look s AWESOME...Let's party!

Laura said...

And here I thought I was busy last weekend, painting half the family room and hanging new blinds in three of the bedrooms. What a poseur I am! You guys rock! Any interest in coming to Iowa as my landscape design team for our back patio project next spring? It all looks break.

Laura said...

That would be, "it looks great." I become a journalist, and the first thing to go is my typing. Crap.