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Sunday, September 9, 2007

WOW What a weekend!

WOW... what a weekend! It started with me picking up 3 of my sister's 4 kids on Friday on my way home from work. They spent the night with us and we all thoroughly enjoyed their company. The Friday night plan was for my niece Bailey and my daughter Jordyn to babysit the younger kids while Kevin and I went to our last Tigers game of the year. Well, the forecast had called for storms and tornadoes and I did not want to get caught at Hockeytown again for another FOUR HOUR rain delay like we did a couple of weeks ago, so we skipped the game. Plus, Jordyn is TERRIFIED of storms, so we thought it would be better to stay in town. We decided a local dinner date would be fun, but just as we were making our way to the restaurant, the tornado sirens went off. So, we headed back home to calm the kids' fears, and once the tornado warning had passed for our area, we went out for a quick bit to eat.

On Saturday, Kevin went to the Michigan State football game (he has season tickets), and was gone from 6:00 am until 5:00 pm. So it was me alone with SIX KIDS all day. I tried to keep them busy and I got completely worn out in the process, but it was still so much fun.
We went to Liam's soccer game -they won! even though Parks & Rec doesn't like you to keep score... whatever! This is Liam's best buddy, Mitchell (more like his brother). Liam told another parent that morning that we were going to win because our team has a "secret weapon". When the mom asked what the "secret weapon" was, Liam said, "I can't tell you, it's a secret." Then he went on to say, "Our "secret weapon" is Mitchell". Sure enough, Mitchell kicked butt and took some names, scoring at least one, if not two, of the goals.

Then we went to the park afterwards and had a picnic lunch. The picnic would have been MUCH more enjoyable minus the multitude of bees. Bees love juice. Bella loves juice. Bella spilled juice all over herself and the picnic blanket. So, even after the picnic was over, the bees did not leave us alone. They were attracted to Bella's juice soaked dress. Owen was swatting at the bees as if they were flies. I was SURE one of them would sting him, but we left the park with out incident.

Then we went to Meijer to pick up a cake mix for Bailey & Jordyn to bake Bella's birthday cake (I did not help them AT ALL...I'm not much of a baker - the birthday party was on Sunday). Shawn had sent a castle cake form for Bailey to use, but she hadn't sent any cake mix. I nearly burst out laughing when Bailey asked if I had any cake mix in the house. (uuhhhh, NOOO) The cake turned out really well. Unfortunately, as it was cooling, Princess Bella (as you can see she likes to sit on the counter) accidentally knocked the cake off the counter with her feet and it fell apart. :-(

That night I enjoyed a much needed reprieve from kid duty. I met some friends from high school to shop for our friend Lori who is expecting her first baby. Then we all met up with our favorite mommy-to-be for a wonderful dinner and some drinks at the Clarkston Union. Now that Aimee has been home from Texas, and Andrea has moved back home from Arizona, and Gina was in town for the weekend from Chicago, the group along with lifetime locals Lori, Erika, Heidi and myself, was almost complete. We were just missing Kristen in Miami who we contacted via cell phone to say hi! Aaaahhhhh, Good times, Good friends, Good looking ladies.


Anonymous said...

WOW..Why have I not been to your blog before> It is so entertaing but at the same time really helped to me to connect with you in a diff way. I feel like I see ya or talk to ya all the time. Your life sure looks busy just like mine. :)
I enjoyed the readings tonight for sure.
Great looking kids btw also. ;)

Brandi from YBB. :)

~Amy said...

That secret weapon comment is classic !!

Mindy said...

So the reason you almost burst out laughing was because YOU always make your cakes entirely from scratch...right?