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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to School

The new school year is here!! I can hardly believe it! In a couple more minutes, Jordyn will have completed her first day (half day) of MIDDLE SCHOOL and in a couple of hours, Liam will have completed his first day (half day) of FIRST GRADE!
Here are a couple of the first-day-of school pictures:

Owen thought he was going to school today, too, but he's not ready for that. I may send him to 4 year old preschool next year, but for now, going to Nee Nee's is enough for him. He insisted on putting a snack in his Thomas the Train back pack and taking it to Nee Nee's.

Back to school for me is kind of like January 1st, full of new beginnings. So, I've made some Back to School Year's Resolutions:
First, I'm re-committing to my diet and exercise regimen. Today, I did the NYC Ballet DVD for the first time. It was a great work out, plus, I felt so cultured and refined for having tapped into my inner ballerina. However, Owen felt compelled to tickle my feet as I was doing the floor barre exercises, which brought me down from my prima ballerina pedestal and back to reality just a bit. (what in the ham sandwich was he doing up at 6am ANYWAY?)
Second, well, I guess there really isn't a second resolution other than to stay organized, stop procrastinating, keep up with the laundry and the gardening, manage a comfortable work/life/mom/wife/friend/family balance never yell at my kids and try not to lose my patience with them, have meaningful conversations with my husband on a regular basis, write timely thank you notes, create spectacular scrapbooks, drink more water, take my vitamins daily, and all that other BS that's supposed to make me a better person.

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~Amy said...

How funny...I feel the same way about the new school year. It's like a mini New Year !! I'm cleaning like crazy and re-organizing. Oh, and thinking about exercising !!