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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bad Words in People's Names

As Liam was filling out his Valentine's cards for class, he came across one of the kids whose last name was Bichon.

He points to it and says, "Mom, I always thought Paul's* last name was a bad word." (*first name changed to protect the innocent.)

I had to laugh because I could see where he would think Bichon was pronounced Bitchin'. Who knows, maybe that IS how it's pronounced, but I'm thinking maybe it's something like Beeshawn.

Then he goes down the class list a little more and confidently declares. "Mom, Cassidy's name has a bad word in it."

Sigh. "Yes, Liam. It does."

So, should I be proud that Liam can spell and figure these things out? Or should I be disappointed that he roots out the bad words in people's names?

He'll be excited to learn that his mom's maiden name has a bad word in it, too. He'll figure that out soon enough.

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