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Monday, February 16, 2009


On Friday, Jordyn went to the 7th/8th grade Valentine's Day dance.

She said she felt a little out of place because she and her friend Chelsea were some of the only ones wearing jeans. The rest of the people were "dressed up like it was prom".

In 7th & 8th grade?

Well, it just so happens that I went to high school with Annette, who is now married to the vice principal at Jordyn's Middle School. Her husband was a chaperone at the dance.

Now, even though Annette and I haven't "spoken" since, oh, I don't know, 1990, 1992, or 1994, it doesn't matter, because we are "Facebook Friends".

After the dance, Annette wrote the following on my Facebook wall:
my hubby came home after the dance last night and said that jordyn was one of the "nice" girls at the dance... lots of bumping and grinding... hope that it cheers you up to know you have a good girl in the eyes of other adults!!! she sounds like a sweetie!

Wow, Jordyn hadn't mentioned anything to ME about the bumping and grinding. So I thought I'd probe her about the subject.

Me - "Jordyn, I heard you were one of the 'nice' girls at the dance last night."
Jordyn - "What do you mean?"
Me - "Well, I heard that you weren't doing any of that bumping and grinding and stuff."
***and then the floodgates opened***
Jordyn - "Oh, Mom, you should have seen it. There was this one couple, 7th graders!! who were acting like they were married. They were so close you could barely slip a piece of paper between them!! It was SO disturbing."

I had to chuckle at her use of the word disturbing. It's nice to know that, even though she is a little bit boy crazy, that this type of behavior still disturbs her.

So, I told Annette about Jordyn's use of the word "disturbing". Her reply?

she and jeff must be on the same wave length!!! he started the conversation
with... "man there was some distrubing behavior at the dance tonight..." he also mentioned the girl on girl behavior... i know i am getting old but i honestly don't remember that in 7/8th grade, do you? some girls know how to get all the attention!! you are so lucky that your daughter thinks more of herself!

Well, Katy Perry must have kicked the door wide open on the whole girl on girl action. I think I'll leave that subject alone for now.

Yes, for now, I really am pleased that Jordyn thinks more of herself than to engage in such disturbing behavior.

And, I'm glad I've got a fly on the wall in the halls of the middle school to report back Jordyn's activities. Hopefully, that fact alone will keep her in line. At least for the time being.


Mindy said...

Timmy was considering going to that dance, and then decided not to. I was concerned that he might be missing out, but maybe that's for the better!

For the previous dance I went early to pick him up so I could observe the activities. There were a few eyebrow raising dance moves and outfits, but the majority were ok. I remember seeing Jorydyn there and thinking how nice of a girl she is. You won't have to worry about her, imo.

Lori said...

Why do kids these days put such a big factor on this type of "disturbing" behavior? Is there no parenting going on out there? I don't recall this either when I was in middle school. I'm no prude (I was just learning what a french kiss was at that time), but I guess I must have been one of the "nice" girls like Jordyn. Kudos to her for defying the peer pressure.