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Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Random Things

My 25 random things, which took me 25 hours to complete.

  1. My family and friends are my anchor and my wings.
  2. I’m a blogger. (I have 3 blogs, YES, three.) If you ever read one of them, leave me a comment! I love getting comments on my blogs.
  3. I’m a blog reader. I read about a dozen blogs from different girlfriends, almost 20 scrapbook blogs, and a handful of blogs about parenting. I rarely leave comments on these blogs (with the exception of my girlfriends’).
  4. I am not passionate about my job and that makes me sad. I would like to get paid to do something that brings me great joy.
  5. I am, however, thankful that I have a job. A very good job. Very thankful.
  6. After nine years of orthodontia and jaw surgery, to boot, my teeth are still crooked. I begged my orthodontist to remove my braces before my senior year of high school (I had worn braces for 4 years at that point). He agreed but made my parents sign a waiver that the braces were coming off before he had finished with my teeth (so we wouldn’t go back and sue him, or whatever).
  7. I always thought my teeth had gotten straightened enough, but in the last couple of years, their crookedness has started to bother me and now I want to get them re-straightened…but not at the same orthodontist. I couldn’t stand that guy.
  8. My teeth were really, REALLY messed up to begin with. And as my kids’ adult teeth start to come in, one of my fears is that they’ll get my teeth and have to go through the same orthodontia hell that I went through.
  9. I blame my bad teeth on the fact that my maternal grandparents were cousins. Not first cousins, or anything, geesh. But cousins, nonetheless.
  10. I have a recurring nightmare that all of my teeth crumble and fall out. And when I wake up from that nightmare, I'm always afraid that it actually happened this time.
  11. ENOUGH with the teeth already!
  12. I love musicals and cheesy show tunes.
  13. I love scrapbooking and preserving my family’s memories. Some people might think it’s dumb, but when a scrapbook that you’ve made for someone brings tears to their eyes or a beaming smile to their face, it’s the best feeling in the world.
  14. I don’t get it when people say that they’re bored. Someone once told me that only boring people get bored. I believe that. And, I am never, ever bored.
  15. I drink water. I’m not into pop all that much, or tea, or lemonade, or flavored water, and never coffee. blech. Just give me plain ol’ water. H.two.O.
  16. If I’m not drinking water, I’m drinking wine. Red or White. Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite red and Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite white.
  17. I wear my mom’s high school class ring every day. It makes me feel like she’s always with me.
  18. My parents are as close to perfect as they come. They love and respect each other, they are honest and hardworking, and they would give you the shirt off their backs, even if they needed the shirt more than you did.
  19. Ditto for my in-laws.
  20. I’m addicted to lip balm. Whether it’s my Cherry Chapstick, or my Burt’s Bee’s Champagne Lip Shimmer, or my Cranberry Lip Shimmer from The Body Shop, I can not get enough of it.
  21. I can not concentrate or relax in a messy environment. In order to work I have to have a clean desk, an organized email inbox, a list of things to do. In order to relax, I have to have the living room tidy, the kitchen in order, toys put away, etc.
  22. I love to laugh and have a good time. Laughter is as essential as air.
  23. My husband makes me laugh every day.
  24. If I could go back to high school, I would be a nicer person and spend more time with my girlfriends. Life’s too short to spend it being mean and wasting it on silly boys. I give this advice to my 13 year old daughter every day. I hope she listens to me.
  25. I donate blood on a regular basis. You should, too.
  26. I’m not easily offended. As such, I rarely censor what I say, forgetting that some people out there ARE easily offended. If I’ve offended you in the past, get over it. It wasn’t intentional.
  27. After my boys get into a particularly bad fight with one another, I make them hug, look into each other’s eyes, and say “Brothers Forever, Friends for Life.” I hope they always remember this and truly take it to heart.

So, I can't count.


Lori said...

Oh my gosh Heather! I have the same nightmare about my teeth! Not as often as you, but atleast twice a year! Nonetheless, it still freaks me out! Have you learned what it means??

Kacey said...

Hi... I read your list and the dreaming of teeth falling out made me think I had heard of that before. So, I Googled it and found the rational at
I guess having braces for four years would be enough to give you nightmares! Nice post....I enjoyed it.