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Tuesday, July 15, 2008



It's been nearly a MONTH since I've created a post. For 10 of those days, I was completely unplugged and did not log on to the internet at all (access from mobile phone excluded). I was on vacation and had no reason to turn on the computer. For the last 7 of those days, I logged on a little bit, but primarily for work as I took some web-based training from home last week.

But now, I'm back to work, back to my computer, back to cyberspace, and basically plugged back in.

Which means I need to catch up on (and comment on) all of my friends' and other favorite blogs, and I need to update my own blog….which is what I'm doing now.

Let me tell you though, I really did not mind being unplugged at all.

I actually LAID OUT in the sun for an entire day (and burned my butt in the process). I spent time at the beach with the kids. I spent time hanging out with family and friends, mostly at our house but some in Traverse City and some in Clarkston. I spent time getting my house organized (playroom, arts & crafts cabinet, de-junking the junk drawer). I spent time relaxing in the Adirondack chairs on the back patio, watching the sun set, drinking some wine, and listening to some tunes with Kevin. I spent time puttering around in the garden, watering my pots and pulling weeds- which is actually relaxing for me. I spent time feeding the birds (I've got some HUNGRY birds in my hood). I spent time scrapbooking, and exercising, and golfing, and playing softball.

AAAAaaahhh, I could really get used to leading an unplugged life. Guess I better get me a Mega Millions ticket tonight!

OK, back to my plugged in reality...


Mindy said...

Welcome back to cyberspace! It is a good idea to get away, sometimes this stuff can get a bit addictive.

Your time off sounds lovely. I too find pulling weeds relaxing.

Kim said...

Welcome back!

There is NO way I could ever do that. The computer is my outside world :) JK!!