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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fried Lobster Denied

Kevin and I had Monday night ALL to ourselves. Jordyn was in Grand Rapids and Nee Nee asked to keep the boys over night (OK, twist our arms).
Since we both work in the D, we decided to stay downtown for some beverages and dinner after work.

First we went across the street to Tom's Oyster bar for happy hour. From 4-6, M-F, their house wine, draft Labatt (which is what Kev drinks most of the time), and their well drinks are $2.50. That's right, TWO dollars, and fitty cent. If I would have known THAT, I would have reserved us a room at the Marriott and spent the night downtown!

So, Kev had a few of these.

And I had a few of these.

Then we decided it was time for some dinner. We had been wanting to use our gift certificate to Sweet Georgia Brown's to get some of their signature fried lobster (sound gross, but it's DELISH)so we headed over that way. We got seated at a table, had some water poured, and then the waitress came over and asked for our drink order. To which Kev replied "What would you recommend with the fried lobster?" She said, "I'm so sorry. We don't have fried lobster today, the truck didn't come in." WHA? So.....we left. That's right, we upped and left. We came there specifically for the fried lobster and just couldn't imagine ordering anything else (especially not at THOSE prices!)

So, we went here instead. A very hipster place.

I had one of these to start. MMMmmm

Then moved on to this delectable scallop dish.
Then finished off the night by sharing this yummy dessert, our FAV!!Some pretty good things can come out of being denied fried lobster.
I'm getting hungry again!

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Errica said...

Is that creme brulee? I love that too!