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Friday, July 18, 2008

My Batteries are Dead

The other day after dinner, Kevin and I sat chatting at the table (drinking our wine) as the kids got up and went about their evening business.

Owen robotically made his way towards the stairs making a methodical beeping noise with each step.

Step. "Beep!" Step. "Beep!" Step. "Beep!" Step. "Beep!"

He reached the stairs and beeped as his landed on the first step, and then the second. By the time he reached the third step he stopped. He stopped walking. He stopped beeping. He stopped moving.

Then, with out moving any muscle other than his mouth, he said, "My batteries are dead."

Oh my gosh, I nearly spit my wine out across the table I was laughing so hard.

A smile creeped across Owen's face as he realized we were laughing at him. He looked at us sideways then looked back in the direction in which he was heading.

"I need new batteries."

Pause, Pause, Pause

"Beep! I got new batteries."

And then he kept on going up the stairs.


1 comment:

Tina said...

Kids?!?! Their creativity and imaginations NEVER cease to amaze me! Love this story... great for the scrapbook! :)