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Monday, March 3, 2008

My Mango Mandarin Bubble Bath

Sunday evening I decided to take a bath.

A bubble bath.

A very relaxing, rejuvenating mango mandarin bubble bath, to be exact.

With a bunch of candles lit and the lights turned off.

With an inflatable pillow with suction cups to hold it in place where I could rest my weary head.

With the spa jets in the tub turned on to relieve the scrapbooker's kink in my neck that I had gotten after scrapping at Amy's all day.

And, I don't take baths very often.

And then there was Owen who threw a monkey wrench into the whole relaxing part of this story. He was very excited that mommy was going to take a bubble bath and wanted to help me fill the tub, pour the bubbles, light the candles, turn out the lights, shut the door (open it, shut it again, open it, shut it again, etc.). Once I got settled into the tub, Owen wanted to know where he could sit (outside of the tub). As he perched himself on the edge of the tub, trying to climb onto the countertop (where apparently the best seat in the house was located), he nearly sent one of my GLASS candle holders crashing to the tile floor below. Then he nearly lost his footing and fell into the tub with me. Finally, when he started to dump out a basket of bath toys to play with on the floor, I said to him, "Owen, if you want to play with toys, go do it in the playroom. " So he left and then he returned 2 minutes later with a stack of books. He realized, though, that the candlelight was not enough for him to really see his books, so he started to turn the light on, "Owen, if you want to read books, go read them in the other room where you can see." And he did. I could then hear him mumbling/reading to himself immediately on the other side of my bathroom door in the master bedroom. Oh well, a few minutes of peace and quiet when.....

knock knock knock I hear a faint knocking at the door. It can't be Owen, he doesn't bother to knock. This time, it's Liam. He knows that he shouldn't be disturbing me, because I AM taking a relaxing, rejuvenating bubble bath after all. And so he WHISPERS, "Mom, I beat two monsters on level blah blah blah something something about one of his video games." Now, THIS is information that I NEED when I'm relaxing in my bubble bath. Good thing he whispered it, otherwise it may have interrupted my (as yet to be peaceful) time in the tub.

Maybe next time I take a bath, I'll do it when no one is home!!

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Kim said...

Oh kids...You gotta love them?! :)