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Monday, March 10, 2008

OUT of it...

Had to call the attendance lines at school this morning for Jordyn and Liam. They both have dentist appointments this morning and will either be in to school late or not at all today.

Well, apparently 7:50 am (it's really 6:50 am) is too early for my brain and the rest of my body to function in synch.

I called the middle school first since they had already started school. In my Outlook, I have 4 numbers listed and clearly marked for the middle school: Main, attendance, fax, and counseling. I dialed the main number first, then the counseling number (I have NEVER called the counseling office), and then I got it right with the attendance line. The only number I didn't try was the fax line. Geez, wouldn't that buzzing noise have been nice this morning?

Then I proceeded to call Liam's school, DA, but instead I opened the contact information for OES, and for whatever reason attendance line info wasn't listed for OES. As I was searching the entry, I realized I was looking at the wrong school's info. When I finally got the correct number for the attendance line at DA, it was like my brain couldn't formulate what it was that I needed it to say. He's got gas, um, anesthesia, oh the dentist. May come to school later. May not.

I wonder if other parents leave incoherent messages on the attendance line or if I'm the only one. Right now, it feels like I'm the only one.

I just want to go back to bed....

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kid_curry said...

I plan out the whole message before I leave it otherwise there would be blank air then me saying, "Who am I calling?"