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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where did February Go?

I can't believe it's been 21 days since my last post! The longer I wait between postings, the harder it is to get back into it. I either feel like it would be too daunting to catch up with all the happenings over the last several weeks or I feel guilty about not posting every detail. I'm throwing the guilt out the window and starting fresh. If you want to know what I did this past weekend, just read Amy's blog (since we hung out Friday AND Saturday night). What fun!

I mulled over several titles for this come-back post:

1. "I've been too busy working and working out like a fiend to blog about my life" - Let alone live much of one, or have time left over to write about it. On the work out tip, I am still pushing play like a maniac and Shaun T of Hip Hop Abs has become my drug of choice. It's addictive and I can't get enough. Unfortunately, I still eat like a P-I-G so, my weight loss has plateaued at 10 pounds since Christmas. About a pound a week. I'm anxious to get into the next set of "10's" and plan to do a 2-day fast soon to cleanse my system and catapult me to the next level. YAY Tina for getting on the HHA wagon with me. You WON'T be disappointed.

2. "My fans miss me" - I was told several times this weekend that I needed to update my blog. Kim even mentioned, oh look, there's Heather and she's STILL in the city. OK, I'm so not in the city any more. It's fun, but it cuts into my Tilt Tuck Tighten time. Well, fans, I'm back....for now. I know I said I'd be back by Sunday, and it's now Wednesday, but better late than never. Now, I just have to get caught up reading all of YOUR blogs.

3. "You can take the girl out of the city but you can't take the city out of the girl" - OK, this title warrants a little lengthy explanation. And there are 2 examples of how big city, fast paced manners (or lack thereof) are creeping in on me. EXAMPLE ONE: Last Tuesday I was running really late for my flight. (As I'm sure you all remember, I get up at 3:30 am every Monday morning to catch a 6 am flight, but this week it was on Tuesday due to President's Day). Well, the alarm went off 10 mintues later than usual, then, I felt really sick like I wanted to throw up - I think from the big meal I had had on Monday night so it took me a while to get motivated and I even contemplated calling in sick!! I got on the road and the go was slow. The roads were icy and it was really windy. I finally made it to the airport around 5:40 am. Remember, I have to catch a 6 am flight. Of course, the security line was longer than usual because they only had one of their two lanes open (Flint runs things on a much slower pace than other places). So, I'm about 15 people back in the security line when I hear "Final Boarding call for passenger Heather Youallknowmylastname". I started jumping up and down...."That's me! That's me!". Now, I hadn't even gotten to the first phase of security to give my ID and boarding pass to the boarding pass checker. I cut in front of about 5 people to give her my ID. Then, I cut in front of 10 people to run my bags through the scanners and whiz through the metal detector. Then, they had to check my handweights in a special machine for bomb residue as I'm standing there putting myself back together saying, out loud, "OhshitOhshitOhshit" and "ComeonComeonComeon". I get clearance and I RUN to Gate 1, the Gate we ALWAYS depart out of, to find the doors shut. "Oh no, is it too late to board?" Then I see the sign at that gate says Orlando. "LaGuardia, I'm going to LaGuardia, what gate is that?" The Northwest gate agent tells me it's downstairs at gate 8, so I fly, in heels - no less, down the escalator to Gate 8. So help me God, I did NOT get up at 3:40 am, suffer through nausea and bad driving conditions to MISS my flight!! I got there JUST in time. PHEW. Then (and here's where I tie into my title) as I'm sitting safely in my seat on the plane, I think back over the last 10 minutes. Oh my gosh, did I say please, or thank you, or excuse me to any of those people I just blew past? Did I say excuse me to the nice woman with the stroller telling her toddler to step aside because this lady is late? Did I say thank you to the gate agent that re-directed me to gate 8? I can't say for SURE that I didn't say please, excuse me, or thank you. But, I can't say for SURE that I did either. EXAMPLE TWO: On Saturday, back in my quaint midwest, nice-mannered town, I needed to go to the Credit Union. First of all, going to the bank is one of my least favorite things to do. I don't know why, I just hate it, can't explain it. Of course the Credit Union closes at noon and I depart from my house at 11:50 to try and make it there before it closes. So, I'm in the left turn lane behind another car turning into the same plaza as the one that holds my beloved Credit Union, and time is ticking away. And traffic clears with a reasonable amount of space for a car to turn. But the car in front of me doesn't turn. Are you kidding me? I have 3 minutes til closing time and this guy is waiting for a freaking engraved invitation to turn?!?! HOOOOONK! Yes, with my 3 kids in the car and my patience EXTREMELY thin, I honked. Finally, during the next break in traffic he and I both were able to turn when I realized, I just honked rudely at this guy, who is turning into the SAME parking lot as me and he's headed for the Credit Union section of the plaza. I was mortified at my rash honking, so I drove down to the Coney Island end of the plaza before retreating to the Credit Union side of the parking lot, after I watched where the guy had parked and saw him go into the tax place and realized I was safe. What was I thinking? Honking like that? For all I know, that could be my son's next soccer coach, or former soccer coach, or parent of one of his friends, and here I am making an idiot of myself HONKING at him. Honking in Jersey is so common place that I've totally gotten used to it as a part of driving. It's like using the wipers when it rains. It's just what you do. But not in our quaint little barn-boot wearing Midwest town.

4. "How many holidays in a row can I ignore posting about?" - I say this one because my dear friend and fellow blogger Mindy seems to post about everything from Ground Hog's Day to Valentine's Day to Target Day and everything in between. How fun is that?!?!

5. "I'm a good getter" - This was just something funny Owen said to me a couple weeks ago when he wanted to get a snack from an upper cabinet (requiring him to climb on the stool and perch on the edge of the counter top to retrieve it). When I told him I would get it for him, he said, "No, I'll get it. I'm a good getter." I just thought that was hysterical.

But, no, I settled on "Where did February Go?", because honest to God, it just disappeared in front of my eyes. At any rate, I'll TRY and blog more often and more meaningfully from now on. Just add it to the list of all the other things I'm going to do more often (work out, floss, get busy <


~Amy said...

I never honk in Oxford for the very reasons you listed but look out when I'm in Waterford. I for one am happy that Feb is almost gone. That means March, then Spring, then Summer, which brings us to drinking wine in your back yard while we watch the little boys swim and the big boys fish. Ahhhh...can't wait!

Mindy said...

I agree with Amy, February can go away right now, and take all of it's silly holidays with it.

Great post, Heather, it's good to have you back blogging!

Now, maybe if you had been wearing BARN BOOTS instead of heels on that airport escalator, you would have been able to move faster AND people would KNOW that you were from the midwest, and forgive your (possible) lack of manners due to the circumstances. They probably did anyways. Airports have their own etiquette protocol, and being late for a flight is like a free pass. Well, I think it is.

Kim said...

Nice to see your out of the City :)

So...... did you make it to the bank in time?