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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!

This was the first St. Patrick's Day in a really long time that either wasn't on a weekend or that Kevin and I didn't take as a vacation day to celebrate. I have to say, it felt really strange to not be perched on a bar stool in some Irish pub, decked out in green, at 10 am. (Although, I must say that I was decked out in a really cute green patterned dress, so I did have the spirit of St. Patty's going on at the office!) And since Mondays in my world mean having a 7pm to 8pm meeting each week, I couldn't really celebrate after work either (not that there's anybody here I would want to go out and celebrate WITH, but that's another post).

So, since we didn't celebrate exactly ON 3/17, we "got our Irish on" over the weekend.

We started on Saturday by attending our town's Irish Stew and Stroll where we could sample (for a nominal cost) stews from different local restaurants and then the kids went hunting for gold coins (handed out by some of the stores downtown). This treasure hunt, apparently was a race since there were prizes at stake, but we just strolled along and that was the perfect pace for us. At one store, Owen won a prize since his coin had a special color on it. He picked out a cool little tractor.

Later that evening, Kevin and I went to his brother Brian's house (and Tara's) for a Guinness kegger party while the kids went to my parents' house to spend the night. Although I don't drink Guinness, Kevin drinks enough for the both of us (and he kept blowing into the breathalyzer to see which of the Guinness drinkers was the tipsiest). Our friend Troy from Florida always comes to town for St. Patrick's day (or to Boston, or to whatever city in which the St. Patrick's Day celebration takes place). We played Left Right Center SEVERAL times, and luck was NOT on my side. But it was still fun, LRC always is!

On Sunday, we picked the kids up from my parents' house and my dad made corned beef and cabbage for lunch (at my request - he makes it every year for me because he still indulges me, his baby, in most of my requests).

So, we definitely got our Irish on. We just got it on before the 17th. Next year will be different, though, since I hear the party is moving to Chicago!!


Mindy said...

Heather, you didn't miss St. Patrick's day because it was officially moved to the 14th this year, I guess you didn't hear. Since for the first time in 70 years it fell during holy week the Catholic Church moved it up. Really!

Kim said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

I had a wedding dinner on St. Patrick's Day, that was very nice.