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Monday, November 12, 2007

THREE WEEKS?!? and a Serious Sinus Infection

Has it really been over three weeks since I last posted? Twenty-six days to be exact.


I don't have a broken computer (well, actually I do, but that has nothing to do with my blogging ability).

I haven't been on a deserted island.

I haven't had major surgery.

It's just been LIFE.

Between work (we won't even go there) and all the fun fall activities, I have just been going going going going and going. I actually showed the Energizer bunny a thing or two over the last few weeks.

And then...just when my bunny was going to go up north and party with some friends this past weekend, I ran out of juice in the form of a serious sinus infection.

I was so sick last week that on Tue, Wed AND Thur, my co-worker thought it would be nice and apparently appropriate to tell me how horrible I looked every day. Gee thanks. Horrible is exactly the look I was going for. Then on Thursday, when I was due to fly back home on a 7:52 pm flight, my project manager told me to head home early (would have been nice to have told me that at 10 am instead of 2:30 pm). The earliest I could get was a 6pm flight home, but earlier it still was.

OK, so if you've never flown on an airplane with a serious sinus infection, let me tell ya, you just haven't lived. When we were landing, the pressure in my eardrums was so intense, I was in tears. Now, I've given birth to 3 children, so I know what pain is, and this was excruciating. It feels like your eardrums are going to explode, and actually, you want them to because then the pressure would be relieved. So, of course I was in a middle seat and the people to the left and right of me must have thought I was a complete lunatic, because I was crying and rocking back and forth, and taking big swigs of my water, and opening my mouth real wide, and then opening it and shutting it real fast, and rubbing my glands<GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! (I actually said that out loud.) It was torture. This was last Thursday, and I think my ears finally popped on Sunday.

I'm still not 100%, but after going to the doctor on Friday and getting an antibiotic and after getting LOTS of rest this weekend (no O'Keefe's Pub for me), I'm starting to feel better.

And, I'm going to get caught up on my blogging....I promise.

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Dianna Louise said...

So glad to read about you. Hope that by now you are feeling better!