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Monday, November 12, 2007


Many of you already know this story, but for those that don't, let me share. (Share, brag, gloat, whatever you want to call it).

The project I'm working on (which has torn me away from my family Mon-Fri EVERY week and basically has me stressed to the max on a daily basis) is for our client, Coach.

Yes, Coach, as in leatherware, handbags, accessories.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Coach had a SAMPLE SALE for its employees and contractors (that would be me). I didn't really know what to expect. I just knew that I would be assigned a time slot in which to go to the cafeteria to shop, they only accepted checks, and that there would be a quota (limit).

No one knew until the day of the sale what the quota or the prices would be. A few weeks before the purse sample sale there was a sweater sample sale in which you were only allowed one sweater per person. I bought a cashmere sweater that retailed for $298 for $49. So, that was a pretty good deal.
But I was totally unprepared for THIS sample sale. This purse party of all purse parties (and you all know how much I L-L-L-LOVE purse parties!) Orgasmic was the word that came to mind.

The quota (limit) was 1 travel bag, 1 large handbag, 3 medium bags, 2 small bags, and 5 accessories. And the prices?!? Holy Cannoli! The prices for these REAL DEAL purses were so much better than even the knock-off purse party prices. We're talking $10 for a small bag, $20 for a medium, $30 for a large. I KNOW! I was in HANDBAG HEAVEN. Just look at my haul.

Here's a closer look...

So far, this has been the only perk of this project. And it has made all of the heartache WELL worth it! (OK - maybe not all of the heartache, but some of it) :-)

Spring Sample Sale, here I come!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey purse queen, how was Traverse? Thought I'd see what you were up to here...old news for me sis, c'mon get with the program. Had a great time with everyone at your place last Sunday. Glad we could celebrate together this month. Looking forward to more fun next month! Love you!