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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fall Family Fun - At the Pumpkin Patch

In mid October, we went to Big Red Orchards with the family to pick pumpkins. The day was GORGEOUS and although we dropped a whole lot more dough than we expected to, it was a wonderful time.

There were slides and rides and animals and a haunted house (that we didn't go in) and cider and donuts and hayrides and fresh apples off the trees in the orchard and pumpkins in the patch.

OK, the pumpkin patch had been pretty well picked over and the pickin's were slim, but everyone found a pumpkin (except Kev, Mister "I don't need a pumpkin") and the kids didn't mind that the selection was limited. The kids told us THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU several times that day. They really enjoyed and appreciated our day of fall family fun.

(And I got to sport my new Coach cashmere sample sale sweater!) Good times!

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