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Saturday, January 2, 2010

One More

When I started 2009, I was planning on blogging a whole lot more than I had done in 2008. I realized that blog posts are GREAT sources for scrapbook page material, and I wanted to record the moments AS they happened.

Well, here it is 2010 (however you want to SAY it), and I haven't created a blog post here in SIX WEEKS. I looked at my total number of posts for 2009....68. My total for 2008? 67.

Exactly one more post was created on this blog in 2009 than in 2008.

At this pace, maybe in 2010 I'll create 69 posts here at The Life of Heather Leigh!!

I do know, though, that I have kept up with and completed my Project 365 blog by taking one photo every day and blogging a bit about the photo and the day. Definitely something I want to continue in 2010.

So, I guess between this blog and the Project 365 blog I created 68 + 365 posts.

And then there were the 63 posts that I created on my Scrap blog during 2009. Although, I haven't contributed to that blog in nearly EIGHT WEEKS! But, who's counting?

I guess that means that, overall, in 2009, I created 496 posts - WAY more than "one more" than last year.

And don't forget all of the Facebook updates. Also a great way to document my life.

But, between Project 365, Heathaz Scrapz, and Facebook, I stopped updating this blog as much.

Which I thought was OK.

But I've come to realize that I'm missing out on telling some good stories by not giving them the breathing room that this blog allows. Stories I want to remember and record (using more than 140 characters) and eventually (possibly) scrap into a tangible piece of evidence that I can hold and look back on and cherish.

And, while I haven't really set any New Year's resolutions (yet)....I think that telling my story and my family's story is going to be number one on that list.

And I will tell those stories through this blog, my other blogs, Facebook, scrapbooking, and whatever other methods that I may find that work for me.

I am recommitting to telling those stories. To cherishing these memories.



~Amy said...

I hear ya! That is one of my goals this year, too! BLOG more!! I think we should all take the challange...I *LOVE* reading everyone's updates!

Detroit Girl said...