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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apparently we're getting two dogs soon

Every January I salivate over the HGTV Dream Home and enter the contest daily. This year is no different.

It's located on 3 acres in a gated community in Sandia Park, NM with gorgeous mountain views all around. And from what the marketing literature tells me, they have 300 days of sunshine a year there. Despite being in the desert region, the summers don't get too hot, low 90s. Which, to me, is absolutely PERFECT.

I've spent countless hours taking the virtual tour. Watching all of the videos. Looking through all of the photos. I imagine my family living in this home. What rooms we would have to repaint or add bunk beds to. Where we would put the Wii or where the kids' backpack/school/sports gear would go so that the home would accommodate our family needs. I've researched the community and looked up information on the schools, shopping, and restaurants.

Basically, I've been dreaming.

What an adventure it would be to leave this cold Michigan life behind, along with all (or most) of our acquired schtuff, to start fresh and clean in beautiful New Mexico in a spectacular, fully furnished, professionally decorated home (with $500k pocket cash and a brand new SUV to boot!)

That's what the Dream Home is all about....dreaming.

And, I'm not the only one in the family dreaming.

We made a deal with Liam that if we win the Dream Home, we'll get not one, but TWO dogs.

He is certain we will win and has started researching what kinds of dogs we should get. He reminds me every day to enter the contest and we talk about the move to New Mexico frequently (Owen's biggest concern are the poisonous animals). When Liam says his prayers at night, he asks God Jesus for us to win the house so that he can get his dogs.

Like I told Jordyn, you have to believe to receive. And I believe we will win.

Which means, apparently, that we're getting two dogs soon.

Although Jordyn has been counteracting my belief with her own "I don't believe, I don't believe, I don't believe" mantra because she doesn't want to leave her friends when we win.

Neither do I. So, will you all come with us?

Now THAT would be a dream come true.

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Detroit Girl said...

You have some competition... I entered the contest, too! ;)