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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Victory and the Bonus

Much to my dismay, Jordyn is not a joiner.

When I was in school, I joined EVERYTHING.

Not only did I join everything, I was the captain, editor, president, officer, whatever of everything.

Jordyn's first year of middle school came and went with out her so much as joining the Art Club.

I told her that this year, her second year of middle school, she had to join two sports and two clubs. However neither of those has come to fruition.

She reluctantly agreed to try out for basketball (hello, she's 5'6" at 12 years old, people!) but when try-outs actually came around, she called me from the school in tears that she just didn't want to do it, what if she embarrassed herself, and besides she doesn't even LIKE basketball!!! Of course, I went and picked her up instead of forcing her to go through that trauma.

Cross Country? No thanks, she doesn't like to run.
Volleyball? Nope, the ball hurts her arms.
Cheerleading? No way, THAT'S for the "plastics". Huh?

So, yesterday Jordyn comes home from school and tells me that she has been elected to Student Council as her homeroom's class representative. (At least that's what she thinks it is, she's not 100% sure if it's Student Council or something else, she'll have to double check when she goes to school today).

WHAT? No Way!! She JOINED something?!?!

So, I asked her, "Do you mean to tell me that you raised your hand as a volunteer to be elected?"

"Yep!" She responded with a proud smile upon her face.

***THIS, people, is the victory.***

"Well how many other people wanted to do it?" I inquired.

"Eight. I got 5 votes and everybody else got 2 or 3 votes."

***This, folks, is the bonus.***

I'm so proud of her.


Mindy said...

Whoo Hoo! Way to go Jordyn! From another former joiner of everything and parent of a non-joiner.

When Spring rolls around you might try to interest her in track, that worked out well for Timmy. There are things you can do that don't even involve much running, like the long jump or shotput.

~Amy said...

YAY! This is bringing tears to my eyes! I just love Jor...she is such a good soul...In her own time she'll find her "thing" and when she does LOOK OUT :)

Anonymous said...

like amy a tear in my eye
also..she is a sweet girl and becoming very pretty!! you should
be proud!!!

love ya
grandma sue

Errica said...

Hopefully this will get the ball rolling for her. This lady at my work told me that Rochester schools require so many after school activities each year, I think her daughter is a Jr. now and has to have 3 activities - I wonder how they are to get their work done.