The CHERISHED Life of Heather Leigh

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Man

Eight years ago today, I married this man.

This man who still makes me laugh (much more often than he makes me yell), even though he flips me off in almost every photo I take of him.

This man who bought me fall flowers today, to decorate the dinner table as we ate the yummy steak he grilled.

This man who can make a black russian with 3 stripes.

This man who takes pride in his lawn and LOVES his tractor.

This man who LOVES St. Patrick's Day and his Irish heritage.

This man who LOVES to fish.

This man who LOVES to bowl.

This man who LOVES his kids. And whose kids absolutely ADORE him.

And most importantly, this man who still LOVES me after all these years.

I love you Kev!
Happy Anniversary...


Kim said...


Kelly Skinner said...

Very sweet tribute above. Congratulations to both of you.

Errica said...

AWWWWW So Sweet. Congrats!