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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Early Mother's Day

What a treat! When I got home from Di's last night (Jordyn & I had gotten our hair did) the boys had drawn me some lovely pictures for Mother's Day. Kevin had also taken the boys to Meijer to let them pick something out for me. Liam picked some roses (that Kevin thought would look stellar in a Hard Rock Cafe Hurricane glass from Boston - for a vase). And Owen picked out a little plant.

When I walked through the door, the boys came running to me shouting HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! It was completely unexpected and I was thrilled.

Liam took this pic of me & Owen.

And OWEN took this pic of me & Liam (this was only shot number four, he did pretty well with some coaching - "Point the camera up...down down...Ok THERE right THERE!" )

And here is Liam's sweet note.

I hope Kevin doesn't think he's off the hook to plant my 2 pots on the front porch and my 2 pots on the back deck (which is what I asked for!!) :)

Love those boys...

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Mindy said...

Wow, all that AND you had good hair for the pictures.

Happy Mother's Day!