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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

12 year old Kevin

This weekend, I was doing some spring cleaning in the kitchen, wiping down all of the cabinets (when it comes to spring cleaning, we have WAAAAY too many cabinets to actually complete the task of spring cleaning the entire kitchen, but I digress). When all of a sudden I see a blur of Kevin flying past the kitchen window.
He is in a hurry, this is urgent, and he's carrying something. What is it? One of our kids? Did someone get hurt? Should I call 9-1-1?
He throws open the door from the deck into the kitchen and hollers for me to come and look. That's when I see it. A very big bass and a very big grin.

Kevin had been outside doing yard work when the call of the lake diverted his attention. Two casts. Two catches. And both of them were big like this one.
He was soooo excited that he had immediately flown up the steps from the beach, skipped up the steps to the deck, to run into the house to show me (and the kids) his prize. His sense of urgency was due to the fact that he needed to return the fish to the lake before it died.
He ordered me (in a very excited manner) to Get the camera! Get the camera!

I got the camera. And captured this shot of 12 year old Kevin, holding up one of his greatest passions in life.

Seeing him this happy absolutely warms my heart. Now get back to that yard work. :)


Mindy said...

Confusious say:

She who haseth many cabinets doeth best not to complain about cleaning them.

Mindy says:

That is one nice fish, I can totally relate to Kevin needing a picture of it, and I'm glad he puts them back in the lake.

kid_curry said...

I adore the fact the Kev's feet are slightly turned in giving an even greater impression of a 12 year old.

Kim said...

Did he get the fish back in time? :)