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Friday, February 1, 2008

The couple that gets fit together…

For the past four years (almost) I have been losing and gaining and losing and gaining the same 10-12 pounds. Shortly after Owen was born, I decided I wanted my pre-baby body back. Uh, did I mention that my pre-baby body would have been a 22 year old super fit machine with out an ounce of fat on it? OK, maybe I'm never going to be a buck-o-five again, but my goal since Owen was born has been lose ALL of the weight I gained during his pregnancy plus the weight I gained from Jordyn & Liam's pregnancies. I lost 30 lbs of the Owen weight, but I kept 10 of it. Unfortunately, I've kept 10 pounds of every pregnancy's weight gain which means that I'm 30lbs heavier than before having babies (plus some).

So, I'm constantly on a quest to lose 20-30 pounds. And every time I lose 10-12, I get complacent, I stop working out, I eat & drink nonstop, and before you know it, I've gained all of that weight right back.

This year, I decided that it's time to stop that vicious circle and finally LOSE that baby weight, but more importantly KEEP IT OFF!!

Here's my problem, I LOVE to eat. I HATE dieting, I HATE depriving myself of something that I know would taste super yummy.

So, in order to get fit, I've decided to try and control portions as much as possible and to work out like a fiend.

I started a new work out program the day after Christmas. I have worked out EVERY day since then. Day 34 in a row and counting.

My exercise program? Hip Hop Abs. You've seen the infomercial! Tilt, Tuck, Tighten and Breathe. Shaun T. I love love love this program. I just feel like I'm out dancing and I have so much fun that the time flies right by - I'm never watching the clock. I highly recommend it if you love to groove.

In 34 days, I've lost nine pounds and 10 1/2 inches!

My clothes fit better, my wedding ring is getting loose (a YEAR after Owen was born I finally had my ring ENLARGED so that it would fit on my finger again!), I have a pair of calf high boots that zip up the back that just this fall didn't zip all the way up and now they do!, bracelets are even fitting more loosely, my boots that are nearly knee high are getting loose around the top, some of my jeans have gotten downright baggy, I've gone down 2 notches on my belt, it's been great!

And it just keeps getting better because 2 1/2 weeks ago, Kevin started doing the Weight Watchers core plan and last week he started working out. On Sunday he stretched with me, then he worked out on our glider machine twice last week, and he has used our new weight bench three or four times (new as in it used to be my brother-in-law's, then my parents bought it, and it's been at their house for many many years and it has hardly ever been used). I'm so proud of him. I've been asking him for years to lose thirty pounds (so he'll stop snoring), but that wasn't enough motivation for him. Right before New Year, Kev went to the doctor for a sinus infection and found that he has high blood pressure. The doc told him to lost 15 pounds to get his blood pressure under control. So, it took something semi-serious health-wise for him to begin the journey, but at least his journey has begun.

Since he began, he has lost ELEVEN pounds!! He has TOTALLY changed the way he cooks - swapping out regular noodles for wheat noodles, more seafood, more veggies and fruits, and almost zero carbs. It's great, it impacts ALL of us in a positive way. Kevin has rarely tried to get fit with me before (on all of my many many many attempts). But I tell ya, there's strength in numbers and now that we're both trying to get fit, I know we can keep each other motivated and MAYBE I won't GAIN these nine pounds back but rather continue to go down to my goal. We do live on a lake, after all, so there's no excuse for us NOT to have smoking hot beach bodies this summer.

And the couple that get fits together....well, YOU finish that sentence! The couple that gets fit together, what? Stays together? Lays together? ;0P


Tina said...

You go girl! Rock on! I'm proud of YOU! It takes a lot of self-motivation to keep going! You may have just motivated me to get my booty back on the treadmill! I'm also going to look into your workout... sounds fun, fun, fun!

Tina said...

Okay, so you motivated me... I bought the Hip Hop Abs set from! I can't wait to get it! Maybe we can have *dance offs* virtually through our blogs!! LOL!