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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Family Fun Day

Saturday was Family Fun Day at our house. But before I get into that, let me rewind a bit.

We have a marble system at our house where the kids earn marbles for doing chores and being nice to each other and they lose marbles for the opposite behavior. Then we cash out the marbles periodically. A certain percentage of the marbles goes back into the marble bank, a certain percentage goes into their pockets in the form of CASH (1 marble = a quarter), a certain percentage goes into their savings jar (which we eventually turn into cash and take to the credit union to deposit in their accounts) and a certain percentage goes to the family jar, otherwise known as TAXES.

Now, when enough taxes have been collected, and the family jar is full of marbles, we get to do a family fun activity. Previously we have gone bowling or out to the movie. But this time (due to our new budget - which is an entirely different post altogether) I suggested that we have a Family Fun Day at home.

I explained to the kids that during Family Fun Day everyone would get to pick 2 activities that they wanted us to do at home with the whole family (a specific game, ice skating, sledding, etc.) Then we would write those ideas on a piece of paper and pull them from a bowl one at a time. And whatever activity we pull, the whole family would all do together for at least 1/2 hour. I also told them that they could pick what they wanted for dinner and a special snack and when we went to Meijer we would get it.

Liam, following in the footsteps of his forced family fun averse father, did not think this sounded like a fun idea at all and took some time to warm up to the idea. But he HAD to warm up to the idea, because that is what our budget would allow.

So, on Saturday, we had our Family Fun Day.

And let me tell you, it was FUN! We went to Blockbuster and got movies (Kevin's idea), we played a Quizno's aquatic version of Slapjack called Deep Sea where we were slapping a squid, we played Apples to Apples, Jr. and Frustration and Harry Potter Scene It, we made banana nut bread (this was probably my favorite activity, and not just because it was my choice, but because the kids were SO into it! Jordyn even wants our next Family Fun Day to be ALL cooking!), then the kids played play-doh while Kevin and I made dinner (Hamburger Helper - Liam's choice), Kevin and the kids played trains with Owen while I cleaned the kitchen, and we finished off the evening by watching Where the Red Fern Grows. A movie that Liam was positive would be boring (thanks, again, to Kevin) but then he watched and really liked it. Owen was asleep within the first five seconds of the movie. I don't even think the TITLE of the movie had appeared on the screen, yet.

It's not very often that Kevin and I PLAY together with the kids. Let alone for a solid EIGHT hours. No amount of money spent at a bowling alley or anywhere else can compare.

Even Liam and Kevin both agreed that it really was a Family Fun Day.


shawn said...

What a fun play day you all had...great photos. Kevin looks dangerous with the hand mixer. It was fun to see what you did this weekend. How funny--Red Fern--we just finished reading and watching that last week! Wonder if Bailey had told Jordyn about it? We cried reading it. So sweet.

kid_curry said...

I'm so glad all went well. Friday night you were so pumped up I was worried a kid would flake out and wreck the whole thing.