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Monday, October 8, 2007


WOW!! We had absolutely gorgeous weather this past weekend ... uh, for JULY!!

It was unseasonably H-O-T, not that I'm complaining, but I never would have expected when we moved into this new house last March that the kids would still be swimming in the lake in OCTOBER!! The water was a little chilly, but they didn't seem to mind!

My H-O-T weekend started with a golf outing with my dear friends Amy & Joel on Saturday.

It was a couples' scramble. Kev took Liam to the Michigan State football game that day, so the other half of my couple was Dave, a friend of Amy's Aunt Doreen.

Aunt Doreen organizes this golf outing on the first weekend of October every year, and this is the second time I've golfed in it. We missed it last year because the Tigers were in the ALDS and we had tickets to the game (ahh memories, when they spanked the Yankees as I sit here watching the Indians abou to clench the ALDS championship by spanking the Yankees, but I digress).

So, this was the first time I had ever met my partner Dave and he was nursing a mean hangover from the night before. He and I came in last place, and won $20 for that prestigious honor. At least he had the hangover excuse to fall back on. My excuse is that I basically suck at golf. So, then how did I win the women's closest to the pin prize!?!? A kick ass drive, that's how. It was thrilling!! Too bad Kevin wasn't there to witness it firsthand. That honor yielded me another $20! Despite the sweat dripping down every crack of my body, the day was lots of fun.

On Sunday, I had planned on taking the kids to a pumpkin patch, an apple orchard, or to the Leonard Corn Maze , but it was just too darn H-O-T for those types of fall activities. (Maybe next weekend the weather will cooperate!) Instead, we spent time on the lake. First, we took a family walk around the lake (trying to exercise regularly and be more healthy).

Then, Kev did some fishing from the shore and caught this 18 inch bass. >>>

THEN, we tooled around on the paddle boat for a while and Kev caught this 23 inch bass >>>

YES, 23 inches! It was enormous. The boys were delighted and excited and enthralled. I even got caught up in the moment. I guess fishing CAN be fun. (I know you're wondering ... He let them both go.)

I was lucky enough to catch both of Kev's stellar catches on film. It was very very very cool. Or, as Paris Hilton would say, it was HOT.

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