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Tuesday, October 2, 2007


On Sunday night, as my Monday morning business trip was fast approaching, Liam wrote these letters on a hot pink piece of paper.
After this string of letters he drew a heart, with a crack in it. This was his note to me. He read the note to me as he handed it to me and it said "Dear Mommy, When you're gone, my heart is broken".

Then he drew a big stick person (minus the legs) next to a little stick person (minus the legs) and a big heart with out a crack in it. Which meant that when we're together, he's happy.

I had to hold back the flood of tears. I didn't want him to see me cry and then feel bad and think, "Oh, no, I made mom cry." So, I thanked him for the note and asked him to run upstairs and put it in my suitcase so I would have it with me while I was away. Thankfully, he scooted off immediately and I was able to compose myself.

It breaks my heart to know that my being away from him breaks his little heart.

But it warms my heart tremendously to know that it makes him happy when we (the legless stick figures) are together again.

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Laura said...

Last week Ben crawled in my lap, assumed the ancient infant nursing position, buried his face in my boob, and whimpered. I didn't even try not to cry. I miss him too. I'll be doomed to wrestle with this "did I do the right thing going back to work" guilt for awhile yet, I think.